We are a Leading Digital Agency in the MENA region with three functional offices: Amman, Baghdad and Head Quarter office in Beirut. Media World has grown to serve a network of more than 100 regional and international clients. In addition to being the master aggregator of Zain Iraq, Media World provides a wide range of content and services such as; VAS products, mobile content, services and marketing solutions. With a team of dedicated and passionate software engineers, designers, new media consultants, and marketers, Media World was able to stand out as a leading Digital Agency in the middle east and a Digital back bone for many brand and advertising agencies in the region.

What We Do


Media World has vast experience in the VAS industry through a dedicated team. We are expert in VAS Managing Services and we proudly provide comprehensive management and present multiple KPIs to enhance and maintain the VAS Sector; taking into consideration Subscribers’ satisfaction and loyalty ...
as well as Operators’ objectives and income. We do manage services through several models, mainly through our own platform – tailored for each operator’s needs and requirements, taking into consideration their rules, procedures and policies.
Our platform covers important factors starting with full fraud control to clear and straightforward nodes connectivity and services launch to advanced customer care tool with full visibility on all services and last but not least monthly revenue share reports and payouts to all partners.
Most importantly, the most important part of our successful engagement, we set new KPIs after implementing our platform by introducing new content providers to launch innovative services, digital content and branded content. Moreover, we focus on Subscriber Profiling to enhance the promotional campaigns, whether via Digital Marketing, Smart SMS or OBD which will acquire new loyal customers allowing us to meet our new KPIs and increase the operator's revenues.

Core Solutions

BEEP offers eligible prepaid subscribers the ability to request a call back from another subscriber whenever they are out of balance or they reached the expiry period...

being in a status that can’t accomplish either an on-net, off-net or international completed call. Moreover, Subscribers are allowed to automatically request a missed call back from another subscriber whenever they are out of balance or they reached the expiry period and the Called Party is Busy or his mobile phone is Switched off or Unreachable.

Allows users to send customized notification whenever they are receiving a call. It allows subscribers to choose a mood from a predefined list, customize their mood, or have different moods during specific time as they desire.
Allows subscribers to set their status between Available and Busy as they desire.
➢ Available Status: In this status, party B is available to all calls and messages. Party A will receive a pop-up text over USSD or a Flash SMS, notifying party A of Party B’s status.
➢ Busy Status: Party B is not available to everyone. Party B can specify blacklists and whitelists to limit the people who can reach them. This gives them more freedom and removes the nuisance of unwanted calls.

Ring Back Tone is one of the most popular Solutions with the most popular last generation content services. Customers love personalization and they are always looking for it everywhere, even in their ring back tones. Media World solution will provide subscribers the ability to customize their ring back tone by selecting a specific tune or recording their own voice clip where they can enjoy a high level of individuality. Our solution guarantees a distinctive user experience by offering a feature rich RBT Platform whereby the subscriber experience is at the cornerstone of our design to sustain high subscriber loyalty and retention.

In the Telecom Industry, each subscriber has his own identity and needs. All customers are always on the lookout for the bundle that suits them best. On the other hand, mobile operators are facing difficulties in providing and managing a huge number of bundles to meet each customer’s needs. Allowing the users to customize their own bundles is the first step in providing the best customer experience. Thus, the operator will offer his subscribers a controlled flexibility in choosing what they really need while ensuring a higher ARPU and therefore higher revenue. Packages can consist of Voice Minutes, SMSs, Data, VAS and Digital Services providing a one stop shop for all subscribers’ needs.
Moving to the next step of the process: understanding each customer by analyzing their profile, activities and history through our Recommendation Engine and guide them towards their Next Best Bundle while respecting the operator’s financial and non-financial KPIs. U-Plan comes with multiple smart and unique tools such as Up – Selling, Cross – Selling, Boosters, Offers and Recommendations in order to develop the operator’s main KPIs and transfer subscribers into upper segments, hence, ensuring the overall revenue enhancement.

Digital Content & Portals

With all the information available to users nowadays, it is important to create attractive, branded, and up-to-date content. Media World, alongside partnerships with leading international publishers, content suppliers and production houses, runs its own content production department, creating new services and portals while tailoring everything in order to fill all market needs and fulfilling user interests

Digital Marketing

High ROI, need we say more? Media World can help you create a Digital marketing strategy that will give you better CTR, conversion rates and revenues. Media World will help you unlock the true potential of digital marketing and utilize all advantages so that your business appreciates better and higher incomes, while maintaining online presence and increasing brand equity.

Mobile Advertisement

With the increase of smartphone users, advertisers must focus on creating mobile friendly ads. Media World provides services to help you get your service or product into the hands of consumers wherever they go. Mobile Advertisements are the go to solution to promote and monetize your mobile site, apps, service or portal. Media World’s extensive data base can help you target customers that present specific interests and geolocation.

We help you lower your marketing costs and get your ads quickly and efficiently to your target audience. Let us help you improve the way you communicate your brand and services. SAT-PUSH enables to combine multiple screens, menus or request user response + connect it with different call to actions. Due to being compatible with 97% of handsets (including iPad and Tablets) and specified geo-location targeting; SAT Push channel delivers unrivalled response rates, 2 to 10 times higher than simple SMS.

Mobile Marketing

Mega Promo provides personalized and relevant rewards to Operators’ customers every time they engage with the service. Our solution enables the operators to meet their specific business goals, as well as their sales and marketing objectives.
Our solution allows operators to capture and build customer data, drive base conversion and meet/exceed cross sell and up sell revenue targets.

Digital Mega Promo addresses customers via their device of their preference within a big scale promotional context. It gives them the opportunity to challenge their friends, peers and compete in real time against the clock. Additionally, it creates an unparalleled customer experience via visual and gamification elements, multi-thematic content and rewards.
Digital Mega Promo allows customers to invite their friends, chat and share their progress on social media.
Digital Mega Promo scores innovation points for the service, entertains and rewards the operators’ customers and generates VAS revenue beyond SMS.

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Zain Iraq celebrates the winner of the Grand Prize of the Zain Competition. The winner received a dream house worth 200 million Iraqi Dinars.

  • 7 Jan

Zain Iraq partners with Media World to manage its VAS services

Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group- the leading mobile telecom provider in the region, recently signed a Master Aggregation agreement with Media World Company...

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